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Shchedryk Children Choir was founded in 1971 in Kyiv by master of choral art Iryna Sablina. Since 2003, the artistic director and chief conductor of the collective is the Honored Artist of Ukraine Marianna Sablina.

Today, the choir has more than 150 children of various ages, who participate in the respective age groups. About 55 best performers are part of the concert lineup. Over the 50 years of the choir's existence, more than 2,000 choristers have "graduated" from Shchedryk.

The repertoire of Shchedryk includes music of the Renaissance, baroque, classical music, arrangements of Ukrainian songs and songs of the peoples of the world, works of modern domestic and foreign composers.

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Our awards


First place with the distinction of "Outstanding Achievement" in the Treble Choirs category XIII "Summa Cum Laude" International Youth Music Festival in Vienna (Austria)


"Golden David" — Grand Prix of the VII International Festival-Competition of Orchestral and Choir Groups in Florence (Italy)


Golden diploma of the highest degree and Grand Prix I of the International Competition "Musica sacra a Roma" in Rome (Italy)


Grand Prix and Golden Diploma of the XXXVI International Choir Competition in Mendziszdroje (Poland)


Grand Prix of the International Choir Competition in Des Moines (USA)


Grand Prix of the International Choir Competition "Kathaumixw" in Powell River (Canada)

Marianna Sablina
artistic director

Marianna Sablina in concert

Marianna Sablina was born in 1961 in Kyiv, Ukraine. In 1971, she began singing in the Shchedryk choir, founded by her mother, Iryna Sablina. In 1977, Marianna Sablina became the choirmaster of Shchedryk. In 1981, Marianna entered the National Music Academy of Ukraine named after P.I. Tchaikovsky, where she studied in the class of choral conducting under the guidance of Professor L. N. Venediktov. After graduating from NMAU in 1986, she continued her work as a choirmaster in Shchedryk choir.

Since 2003, Marianna has been the artistic director and chief conductor of the choir. In 2005, she was awarded the Golden Diploma of the 1st International Choir Competition "Musica Sacra a Roma" as the best conductor. In 2018, Marianna received the Golden David (prize for the best choir of the festival) and the Special Prize "Best Conductor" of the 7th Florence International Choral Festival.

Marianna Sablina in concert

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